The foundation of Winged Fables rests in a very humble idea to build a community of poets, storytellers, writers, artists, and book lovers. Our gatherings are usually based on the themes that relate to many hearts and minds at various levels. Winged Fables bridges the gap between the composers and listeners, writers and readers, artists and admirer....

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Nazneen Kachwala is an engineer who writes, reads, and reviews books. She writes stories about relationships and subjects that are social in nature. Her stories are featured in The Optimist Citizen Newspaper, The Times of India, Madras Courier, and TellMeYourStory. Nazneen is fond of history, astrophysics, ancient architecture, traveling across the mountains, and learning new languages.


She hosts the '#talks Human Library Podcast' through which she intends to create a library of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions by interviewing social changemakers, fitness enthusiasts, authors, and spiritual personalities.


Nazneen is a believer in the philosophy of yoga and minimalism.

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