08 May 2020

FOOTPATH - A Short Story

It was a dark night, the street was filled with shrill silence, no voice except that of a dog barking somewhere in a nearby lane was heard, and all the lamps of the streetlights were intact except one that was ceaselessly flickering. Vijju was sitting at the edge of a footpath. He was sleepless, his face was pale, eyes red and mind thoughtless. He constantly stared two of his friends who were sleeping on the footpath across the road, dead-tired.


All of sudden a car came speeding towards the pedestal; the driver seemed to have lost control and rushed to crush them both. Vijju ran to his friends who suddenly woke up to the hurtling sound of the motor-vehicle and were blinded by the bright flashing headlights.


It was all over very soon. Silence crept in again. The car now stood still in the middle of the street; its headlights blinked incessantly. The two friends startled by the mishap were breathless as they saw a shadowy figure walking away from them. One of them took out a dear friend’s photo from a small bag that he used as a pillow, while the other said, “I wish someone had saved Vijju the same way on that fateful night.” And they both saw Vijju gradually disappearing under the flickering light of lamp-post.


Written by: Nazneen Kachwala

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