10 September 2020

There’s Nook Where I Feel – Sense Of Belonging.

There’s nook where I feel – Sense of belonging.

Yes that’s where I feel ME.

I can talk to my soul, 

Can laugh hilariously, can cry stormily

Can be mad, can be bubbling

No judgement, No fear,

It seems, it opens up a door to boundary less space ;

View vista is endless

Wings to fly and breathe fresh air...

With feeling of relief, rnergetic, enthusiasm,

desired, overwhelming




By Aarti Sapariya


Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, Aarti is an architect by profession and poet, writer by passion. Bird watching, reading, admiring nature, and photography are some of her interests. When it comes to reading, she likes inspirational, fiction, and selective mythologies.

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