10 September 2020

Sometimes In Life

Sometimes in life, things don't go as they should,

You think why, what if they could,

Some days are warm some days are cold,

But when we see them in the future, we see them as, oh why did this matter when it was old?


Sometimes in life, you feel, life is giving you too much at one time,

Happiness or sadness together can't be taken, that's the human kind,

Too much happiness and much of it goes unnoticed

Too much of sadness and we feel, why only we got this?


Sometimes in life, happy days feel like a blessing

We feel heavens are just upon us as we find what we are seeking

All the people around you talk only for and about you,

You feel like you are on cloud nine, isn't it true?


Sometimes in life, days are not always gay,

But, the strong people blossom even on a gloomy day.

They may not be happy themselves,

But try to find happiness in people around them,

These days one feels when will they end?


Sometimes in life, we wish, that moments just stay and don't pass by,

Sometimes we just wish, we had never seen such moments in our life go by. 

But all these days happy and gay mixed with sorrow and low 

Make us believe that there is always a better tomorrow!


By: Monaz Parekh



Monaz Parekh is a professor turned writer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She left academic teaching after her daughter's birth and took up freelance content writing as a profession. Since then she has been writing for various clients on a variety of niche be it fashion, travel, parenting, etc.  

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