08 September 2020

A Doctor In Gujarat Is Providing Healthcare Facilities To The Slum Children And The Local Communities

Dr. Chetan Sakhia from Saurashtra completed BAMS in Ayurveda from Ahmadabad Govt. College. His willingness to serve the society made him observe the BPL families and their children’s health closely. It was then when he realized their basic problems and made plans to bring them out of this situation.


In 2015, he started his clinic ‘Ayurveda Panchakarma Clinic’ and also joined several NGOs to provide health services to the needy. At the same time, he accepted the govt. job as a medical officer. He even joined UNICEF for a child-friendly project without any remuneration as a volunteer, visited many schools and Anganwadi, where he conducted programs related to health awareness, malnutrition, and healthy food habits for the children. Having studied their diets habits and worked with a well-known hospital for some years, he engaged himself especially with the slum dwellers and consulted them for good food habits. He ran a program called ‘Anemia - prevention is better than cure’ for the school children. Besides, he held a workshop for underprivileged girls about menstrual awareness.




During the lockdown, he distributed around 400 masks with the volunteers in some slum areas. Further, he distributed the immunity booster drink ’Kadha’ to 1500 people for 4 days. Another interesting point is that he along with his friends collects every year 15,000 to 20,000 that helped one child for his education.


He also writes creative content and often shares it on social media. This way too, he shares his work and thought with people on a bigger in the society. “I look forward to helping people through Ayurveda and promote it at the international level,” says Dr. Chetan.


Story by: Haridas Patil

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