09 August 2020

Government School

A few months ago, I happened to visit a government school in the Kotambi village near Vadodara Gujarat. The school houses children up to 8th class and has a humble infrastructure. But what struck me the most was the passion with which the children were keen to learn, interact, and grow. The prejudices I held for the children studying in a government school were completely broken and I carry a new vision for them. These children not only know the books they study but are far more talented, and open-minded than anyone can imagine. Few of them can dance as trophy holders of reality dance shows, some are ethnic folk dancers and singers, some are great with maths and some will leave you flabbergasted with their knowledge of geography and Indian history.


Yet I think that the school needs a better infrastructure to groom these children to reach their full potential. Some children even complained that their class teacher is not regular, leaving them left with nothing to do for days together. Most of the girls are not sent for higher education and are married off as soon as they turn 16 or 18. The boys take up jobs as labors and very few of them continue to study further. Only if these children can get a better and equal opportunity, undoubtedly they can outshine those in the mainstream.


Write down your suggestions in the comment box telling us how can we, as a society make a difference in the lives of these children.

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