05 August 2020

Youngster Reviving Education System

Prit Khandor, born and brought up in Kutch Rapar is well-known as the ‘Youth Express’. Having completed his engineering, he took a job in a corporate and also prepared to get into a government job, but soon decided to answer his inner calling to pursue a different desire.

He kept looking for practical ideas for innovation. He helped his younger brother establish his company meanwhile, he founded YOUTH EXPRESS. He designed six modules for the students of schools and colleges namely, super speaker, super career, super leader, super child, super teacher, and super interview. He visits educational institutions across the city and conducts seminars and workshops for the students free of cost regularly. He was featured in the article ‘Ek School Aisi Bhi’ in a local Gujarati Newspaper of Surat.

He envisioned creating a game-based syllabus for the children to learn and study the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Students associated with his mission can express themselves confidently in the professional setups. He intends to fill the gap with creativity.


Story by: Haridas Patil

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