29 July 2020

Farmer Transforming Lives

Pankaj Laxman Bhai Navik is a young man from a small village of Rajpipla. He is the youngest son of the family. His village ‘Jiorpati’ houses around 50 families with very few people who have hardly made it to the school. However, Pankaj changed the village through his efforts. On completion of HSC, he was desperately looking for a job but could not find one due to which he did odd jobs for almost 8 years. He was always worried about his career and was highly disappointed as he had to shoulder the heavy financial burdens of the family. Over a period of time, he realized that things he had been chasing for so long weren’t his true dreams. He wasted no time in pursuing a three-month skill-based training program conducted by a public-private company that transformed him into a man with a mission.

He began milk collection from around 4 to 5 villages and sent to district dairy. Each day he collected around approximately 500 liters of milk. Gradually, he purchased five cows and buffalos each under a government scheme. He was also interested in the agriculture sector and thought to contribute to the same. Also, he was determined to complete education alongside his work and in 2011, he got a graduation degree in Economics. Pankaj now was determined more than ever. He went on to buy six tractors and a JCB machine and allowed other farmers to use the equipment. At present, Pankaj supports the livelihood of 15 families who constantly seek his practical support and guidance.

He is inclined towards 100% organic fertilizers which have increased his yield by many folds. Besides, he uses the latest available technologies for farm irrigation to conserve water. He often educates others about the importance of organic farming and its methodology. He is an active participant in all government seminars and awareness programs.

Pankaj gladly says, “I like to approach people and help them. I am very happy about everything that I am able to do”

He surely is a social catalyst who leads by example and transforms others during the process.


Written by: Haridas Patil

Haridas Patil is an M.A.Bed in English literature with 9 years of experience in the field. He is known as a teacher of activities and always brings new activity to the class. He invokes enthusiasm about learning in his student. He brings small ice breakers, moral stories, and energizers to class. So the learners keep remembering the lesson. He writes in English every day including daily reflection, article, and story, etc. Recently, he completed three stories. He is a teacher of a mission with a vision. He believes in innovative and creative teaching. He keeps a principle of ‘Reflect, Plan, and Act’ in the teaching. He likes to have feedback from the students and others. He points out, “learning and happiness should go together.” At the end of the day he says, "I am very fortunate to be a teacher and a backbone of Shree Satya Sai Vidya Niketan family, for it is a shrine of happiness and learning” Nowadays he started a project on 1) Communication: access to power, 2) Communication: to create to future.

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