18 July 2020

Govardhan Kaka's Passion

Hardworking, good learner, and a man full of energy, Govardhan Jivabhai Navadiya leads by example. He comes from a small village of Bhavnagar. In spite of facing some tough economic conditions, he is determined. He is a science teacher and handles crucial experiments at science labs.

He has vast experience of teaching at various institutes and even at the age of 75, he is driven by his lifelong passion. He loves to work just like a young man. He starts his day with a brisk walk for an hour and immediately gets going for his teaching expedition from morning to evening every day.

I am always fascinated by his energy level and great stamina. But he always humbly points out, “Work is worship.” He has a mission with a vision. Govardhan Ji has struggled a lot in his life, but he keeps smiling. He is the best example of positivity. He likes moving ahead and never looks at difficulties, but sees them as opportunities.

His expertise is teaching practical science. He never uses any book during his teaching sessions and only refers to his practical knowledge and life experiences. He is an ideal teacher for this generation who is focussed, values time, and neglects idle chatting.  He still continues to find out means to teach his students even in this lockdown situation. His single-minded attitude is worth a salute.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Written by: Haridas Patil

Haridas Patil is an M.A.Bed in English literature with 9 years of experience in the field. He is known as a teacher of activities and always brings new activity to the class. He invokes enthusiasm about learning in his student. He brings small ice breakers, moral stories, and energizers to class. So the learners keep remembering the lesson. He writes in English every day including daily reflection, article, and story, etc. Recently, he completed three stories. He is a teacher of a mission with a vision. He believes in innovative and creative teaching. He keeps a principle of ‘Reflect, Plan, and Act’ in the teaching. He likes to have feedback from the students and others. He points out, “learning and happiness should go together.” At the end of the day he says, "I am very fortunate to be a teacher and a backbone of Shree Satya Sai Vidya Niketan family, for it is a shrine of happiness and learning” Nowadays he started a project on 1) Communication: access to power, 2) Communication: to create to future.

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