12 July 2020

Jayesh Bhai's Courage

This humble man is Jayesh Bhai who lives in the Waghodia area of Vadodara and makes a living by selling salt door to door. Unfortunately, he is physically disabled and can't​ talk well too. Yet his self-esteem inspires him to earn bread for himself and his family, making him specially-abled. He walks for 15-20kms daily to sell salt that fetches him 5 rupees per bag and he makes around 60-70rupees each day. He is a provider for his family consisting of his parents, wife, and daughter. His wife is involved in random household chores and shoulders the finances as well.

Besides, Jayesh Bhai has great entrepreneurial​ skills. He is honest and dedicated to his work. His determination empowers him to overcome all the obstacles and face the day to day challenges boldly.

He is a hero for his family and a role model for the masses!

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