05 July 2020

Women Entrepreneurs!

Shantaben, 50, (left), and Ramaben, 60, (right) are two women who are independently making a living for themselves and their families by selling milk. They are proud owners of three buffaloes and a cow. These two ladies have divided their roles of milking the animals, packing, and distributing the milk. They are up before the sun rises and you can witness them engrossed in tasks like feeding the animals, cleaning them, collecting dung, preparing dung-cakes, and other similar activities. The customers are extremely satisfied with their work and the quality of milk they deliver. These phenomenal women are in this business ever since they were children and have inherited​ it from their fathers and forefathers.

Who says that you need to enter a reputed B-school to acquire those entrepreneurial skills? These two women have proved that experience, dedication, commitment, passion, and a humble approach towards work makes it all!

They are the true faces of modern, skilled, and empowered India!

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