Brief Answers To The Big Questions By Stephen Hawk

07 May 2020

Brief Answers To The Big Questions By Stephen Hawk

BOOK TITLE: Brief Answers to the Big Questions | AUTHOR: Stephen Hawking | PUBLISHER: Hodder & Stoughton (Hardcover), Bantam Books | GENRE: Biography, Autobiography, Science, Non-Fiction



Limitlessness is an inherent desire of each one of us. Very often innumerable questions flood our minds looking at the massive galaxies, stars, and planets, making us turn to the number one question probably of all the eras – Is there a God? which is followed by a series of other questions. Many of us are eager to find out the truth. Or let’s put it in simpler words – curious to know how it all works?


Stephen Hawking a renowned cosmologist, and physicist has spent his entire life studying the cosmos, let alone the health-related challenges he faced for over forty years of his lifetime, but that’s altogether a different story. Hawking often asked for the thoughts of the influential personalities about the ‘big questions’ and maintained an enormous personal record of his responses which took the shape of many books and essays. This is one such book that was in the development stage at the time of Stephen’s death. The book has been drawn from his archive and has been completed with the help of his family, academic colleagues, and Stephen Hawking Estate.


This book answers a wide range of questions – How did it all begin? Can we predict the future? Is time travel possible? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? And many more. Stephen also brings in insights from various celebrated scientists ranging from Albert Einstein, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, and many others on these subjects. Even though the books shall bombard you with theories related to physics and science from the very first page, you do not have to be a know-it-all in science to understand this. The entire research is presented in a very simple language infused with Stephen’s wit and humor attracting readers from every walk of life. He is distinctively sharing some of the mysteries of this universe unraveled throughout his noteworthy career. His remarkable work on the black holes, multiple histories, and imaginary time take the minds of the readers to the furthest ends of the universe into a new exploration with every new paragraph.


Hawking strongly believed that science has all the answers to solve all the problems that the world is facing today – climate change, global warming, and nuclear war to name a few. His arguments and investigation prove as to where we, as an entire human race are heading and what is in store for the future of theoretical physics and space science explorations. This is an intellectually inspiring book that will make you feel concerned and interested not only for our planet but for that which is lying on the extreme reaches of the universe. This is the last book written by one of the greatest minds in the history of science, and it certainly should be on your reading list.



Review by: Nazneen Kachwala

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