Inner Engineering By Sadhguru

07 May 2020

Inner Engineering By Sadhguru

Book title: Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy | Author: Sadhguru | Publisher: Penguin Publication | Category: Self Help



Most of the time yoga is associated with twisted asana and postures. I always understood yoga as a way of life until Sadhguru went several miles ahead in explaining how to pursue this way of life to heal and rejuvenate the inner self. He rightly calls this the art of Inner Engineering. Sadhguru is a celebrated spiritual master who spreads yogic wisdom across the world employing discourses, debates, and discussions. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation NGO that runs several programs on meditation, yogic asanas. kriyas and mudras. Inner Engineering, which later took the form of a book, is one such guiding program run by Sadhguru’s foundation.


As the name suggests, the book right in the beginning directs the readers to look within, and understand self by focussing on three important aspects – mind, body, and life energies. Sadhuguru then goes on to explain the importance of each of these in great detail, enlightening the readers to follow a lifestyle in terms of quality food, good thoughts and unleashing the power of meditation. Every yogic approach highlighted in the book in backed by scientific evidence which leaves little room for arguments in any context and shall drive the readers in the world of mysticism.


Sadhuguru’s style of writing is unique and captivating. He uses the right concoction of stories not only from the Vedas but writes down hilarious Akbar-Birbal episodes as well to put his idea across the readers who get to know the humorous side of the author too. The book is divided into two parts – the first part emphasizes on why one should adopt yoga to engineer the inner self and the second part answers how to do it. After each chapter, it is suggested to follow a ‘Sadhana’ that would enable the readers to contemplate the subject in depth. It also gives an insight into Adiyogi, Shiva as the pioneer of yoga and elaborates numerous facets of his character. Besides, you shall come across some rich philosophies of koshas, body chakras, Ayurveda, Nadi shodhan, and much more.


All in all, the book is not limited to preaching but it is more likely related to practicing the craft. The book is a great source of motivation and you can seek its guidance at any point in life. It’ll not just help in clearing your mental clutter, but also grant you a new perception towards life.


Review by: Nazneen Kachwala

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