Life’s Amazing Secrets By Gaur Gopal Das

07 May 2020

Life’s Amazing Secrets By Gaur Gopal Das

Book Title: Life’s Amazing Secrets | Author: Gaur Gopal Das | Publication: Penguin Ananda | Category: Self-help



Gaur Gopal Das’s unique wit and humor makes him one of the most followed monks of the present times. Life’s Amazing Secrets is his debut book and he has done it pretty well. The book revolves around Gopal Das’s real-life experiences through which he shares with us some of the most useful, and subtle teachings that we often tend to neglect. The author has a lot to share! And he has beautifully weaved all the lessons into a string of one story in Robin Sharma’s style.


The book intelligently gives insights into the four wheels of life – personal life, relationships, work-life and social contribution. Quite often we tend to focus merely on one or two of these aspects and this is where Gopal Das steps in to narrate how essential is it to maintain a balance between all these sides to live a fulfilling life in his style. The book highlights the message of love, compassion, being sensitive in relationships, practicing the art of forgiveness, competition at work, spirituality at work, sacrifice, discovering self, and much more in a captivating manner.


The author illustrates numerous life messages and stories to narrate his idea of the subject crisply. He uses examples as simple as an ice-cream which tells us to enjoy life before it melts and a candle which gives light before it melts. All our actions, thoughts, and perceptions rest on the scale in between being an ice-cream and a candle.


You shall laugh, cry, reflect, and shall be overwhelmed with emotions as you read this book. It is a rejuvenating experience. Read and decide for yourself.


Review by: Nazneen Kachwala

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