In Conversation With Dr. Aashka Ponda

02 October 2020

In Conversation With Dr. Aashka Ponda


Dr. Aashka takes us through her journey of becoming a doctor and shares some of her professional and personal experiences at work. She is training to become a neurologist and also gives us some practical insights towards having good mental health. Dr. Aashka is also a Corona warrior and works relentlessly with COVID patients for their healthy recovery. Listen to some of her thoughts on the present Pandemic situation as well.

All this and much more in the Winged Fables #talk session.

Major Takeaways -

1) Challenge your brain with a jigsaw, Suduko, or crossword puzzles with simple brain-stimulating exercises

2) Practice Yoga, meditation and pranayama for a healthy lifestyle

3) Strictly follow all the public advisories and preventive measures during the current pandemic situation. Be wise.

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