About Us

The foundation of Winged Fables rests in a very humble idea to build a community of poets, storytellers, writers, artists, and book lovers. Our gatherings are usually based on the themes that relate to many hearts and minds at various levels. Winged Fables bridges the gap between the composers and listeners, writers and readers, artists and admirers, to bring to you the best-curated stories and performances each time. Our events have brought some of the most untold, slow, and inspiring stories about the commoners living an uncommon life. Having heard these wonderful stories in our open mics, we pledged to reach out to more number of people that could motivate the crowd to bring about the much needed creative change. We continue the journey ahead expanding our caravan with #talks, creative workshops, book reviews, passage readings, poetry recitations, debates, and discussions. We aim to promote goodness through creativity.

Open Mics

We have connected more than 100 emerging artists to our audiences through our open mics so far, thus touching a wide range of genres in every field ranging from rock to metal to classical music, haiku to free verse to narrative poetry, and from drama to comedy to tragic stories. We handpick the best content from several entries before every event to bring to you earthy, freshly brewed, delicious stories, the taste of which stays with you for a very long time. Besides, good stories, our open mics are popular in the city for its cheerful aura, laughter, and liveliness.


Our open mics reach out to the depths of our artists whereas the conversations we have in #talks are defined by the depth as well as the breadth of our speakers. We keep a close eye on all forms of innovative work having the potential to bring any kind of positive impact in the society and world at large. #talks connects you to the changemakers, innovators, social entrepreneurs through their awestriking stories and gives you a chance either to join hands with them in their mission or to take up a brand new task to build a better world.

Book Review

A world with no books is a world without light. Books have the power to revolutionize the planet, change notions, challenge minds, generate ideas, and drive emotions. Often called the best friend in solitude, reading a book can liberate your soul and take you to the edge of the universe and back. Winged Fables posts many book reviews every month to ignite your love for reading. Driven by the notion READ…REFLECT…REPEAT, we review books of almost all genres. Our book reviews are simple and unbiased. We sketch an outline to familiarize our readers with the author’s style of writing, analyze the central idea, and give an overall insight of the book through our reviews. We love to engage our readers in discussing books and reading passages to derive specific narratives around a book.